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Who We Are 

We are in the business of improving care. 

Powered by our Partners in Africa, we put on the African market innovative pharmaceutical, supplement products that improve care. We operate the backbone of the healthcare supply chain. We drive the future of local care delivery.

This is what it means to help people live longer in Africa.

Our expertise 

We help innovative products reach millions of patients in Africa, putting us at the forefront of quality care delivery.


Our Mission

To offer a full range of pharmaceutical products, high quality supplements, medical supplies and services to patients and healthcare professionals in Africa

Our Vision

To build a powerful distribution system providing high quality medical products and services that give to people in Africa a chance to live longer.

"We make a difference."

Powered At CI-Africa, our people matter. Patients depend on us to offer life-saving medication, and our partners depend on us to foster an environment of diversity, inclusion and patient-centered care.

Come join us and see how we can help in Africa.

Become our partner

CI-AFRICA recherche des partenaires pour distribuer ses produits, y compris les produits pharmaceutiques, les suppléments et autres articles médicaux en Afrique. Les partenaires devraient idéalement se spécialiser dans la vente de produits médicaux.


Armor Gel
Armor Gel


Silver Supplement
Silver Supplement

Armor Gel
Armor Gel

Blood Test


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