We are united in our responsibility to bring to  Africa new high quality products and services.

Who We Are 

We are in the business of improving care. Helping people in Africa access the healthcare products they need is what we do best. Whether through product sourcing and distribution, supporting community-based care or partnering with manufacturers to bring an innovative product to African market, our commitment to improving patients' lives makes all the difference.

Powered by our Partners in Africa, we provide the pharmaceutical, supplement products and business solutions that improve access to care. We operate the backbone of the healthcare supply chain. We drive the future of local care delivery. We guide medical innovations to market. This is what it means to help people live longer in Africa.

Our expertise 

Right product, right time, right customer experience. With infrastructure built to enable secure, daily ordering and distribution of healthcare products, we deliver peace of mind and allow our partners to focus on improving patients' lives

Each day, we help physicians and pharmacists spend more time with patients. We help patients feel more informed and in control of their healthcare journey. We help revolutionary products reach thousands of patients in Africa, putting us at the forefront of quality care delivery.


Our Mission

To research, provide a full range of medical supplies, high quality supplements, pharmaceutical products and services to patients and healthcare professionals in Africa

Our Vision

To build a powerful distribution system providing high quality medical products and services that give to people in Africa a chance to live longer.

"I feel empowered to make a difference."

Powered At CI-Africa, our people matter. Patients depend on us to deliver life-saving medication, and our partners depend on us to foster an environment of diversity, inclusion and patient-centered care.

Come join us and see how we can help in Africa.

Medical Doctors

Empowering physician practices in Africa to deliver quality patient care today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.


Pharmacies turn to CI-Africa for powerful services and solutions that result in greater access to great products, business growth, operational efficiency and enhanced patient care.


Take the first step on your journey to becoming an Owner/Operator 


You might be already an owner trying to expand your inventory.




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